A Noodle Story @ Amoy Street Food Centre

The popular Singapore-Style Ramen from A Noodle Story packs a lot of quality ingredients like the really tender slice of pork chashu, crispy potato-wrapped prawns and so much more. It's the talk-of-the-town now and has snaking queues of curious gourmands.

Also at Amoy Street Food Centre is another crowd-favourite, A Noodle Story. On that day, I’ve tasted and fallen in love with the wagyu beef donburi from Gyu Nami. But, I can’t just stick to a single dish especially in a hawker centre. Being curious with all things food, I made the conscious choice to spare some more calories for this noodle bowl.

This is Singapore’s unique take on a noodle dish. This is the Michelin Bib Gourmand-listed Singapore-Style Ramen. A Noodle Story only carries one item on its menu. And with only 200 bowls a day, one had better head down here as early as possible before a queue forms.

Singapore-Style Ramen with Pork Broth Serving Soup

The Singapore-Style Ramen comes in three sizes — small ($8), medium ($11), and special ($15). We had the small version which included a Crispy Potato-Wrapped Prawns, a slice of Chashu, half of a Hot Spring EggHK-style Wontonssliced scallions, sliced chilli/pepper skin(?) (honestly probably for the aesthetics as it did remind me of saffrons) and springy mee kia(thin noodles).

We were excited about the ramen. The presentation is really neat, a standard that’s probably available at high-end restaurants. It’s pleasing to see the prawn resting on a beautiful wooden spoon, with the entire bowl looking so colourful. So much thought was put behind the presentation that you could safely assume the owners had put their heart into working the flavours of this dish too!

As a good bowl of wonton noodles always does need some stirring to mix the ingredients, this bowl is of no exception either. I did a good mix to the noodles with the sambal chilli so that the noodles is a mix of sweetness from the sauce, and spiciness from the sambal.

There’s this thick slice of chashu that’s really soft. As described “meltingly tender” on the signboard, the chashu actually really did melt in my mouth as I taste it. That’s not all — the pork has a sweet and flavourful bite. One of the best seasoning for a chashu I had.

The crispy Potato-Wrapped Prawns was a unique take on traditional prawn rolls. Instead of the conventional prawn roll wraps, potato strings wrap around our very fresh and juicy prawns. It’s deep fried to a delightful crisp, and the wrap tastes like the crispy pan-side of rösti.

Onsen Egg on the Singapore-Style Ramen


Our onsen egg, Hot Spring Egg here, is the quintessential ingredient of a good bowl of ramen. I sincerely dislike ramen bowls that only has the onsen egg as an add-on option. With A Noodle Story’s Singapore-Style Ramen, they did a good job of having the onsen egg in the small serving. It was slow-cooked to perfection here as the yolk flowed out on biting.

For all the meat lovers out there, not to worry. The HK-style wontons are extremely meaty and flavourful. What’s important here is also the wonton skin, which is silky and smooth, and also soft and thin at the same time. I don’t really fancy thick wonton skins as I’d prefer to get a bite straight to the meat itself.

The sides in this bowl of Singapore-Style Ramen is absolutely of high standards and quality. I loved every one of the ingredients, especially the thick HK-style wontons and the slice of chashu. However, as I’m not really a huge wonton mee fan, I will probably return not as often as if it was a stall selling salted egg or chirashi dons(!). Regardless, it was an absolutely tasty dish that deserves plenty of recognition.

PS. As my family and I had arrived early, we were one of the first few to seize this interesting dish. The queue began to form only after we were midway into gobbling down the noodles at around 11.30AM. So take this advice and head down early!

Expected damage: $8-15 per person



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