It’s us, the duo Emmanuel Ray and Cheryl Ong. We decided to start this blog after Cheryl had an idea to create a food blog documenting our dates. About two years since Cheryl raised the idea, Ray had taught himself programming basics and how to create simple static websites. One day, he was like “screw it, let’s try making the blog from scratch”. And so he did, giving rise to the blog now known as www.twentytoestravel.com.

a picture of us

Our friendship dates back to about early 2013, and we’ve since become romantic partners in April 2016. Content will mostly be written by Ray, while the photographs will be a mix by both of us.

We hope that our story writing will make you, the reader, feel like the experience is coming to life; like you’re the one experiencing it all 🙂


(PS. Please write in to us at contact.twentytoestravel@gmail.com if you wish to use any of our pictures or stories. All images belong to us unless otherwise stated. It doesn’t feel nice to have images and posts infringed, right? So don’t!)