Gyu Nami @ Amoy Street Food Centre

Gyu Nami tops my "affordable and quality food for $10 and below" list with their only wagyu donburi. For only an impressive $10, you can get a quick fix of their appetising wagyu beef, done to a medium-rare perfection. It's so good, it's making me want to come for more each day.

I feel that in the CBD, especially within the Telok Ayer vicinity, are filled with restaurant & bars, and expensive cafes. Occasionally a few izakayashere and there. But hardly cheap and good food. So what happens when you want quality wagyu? Also donburi? At an affordable price as well? Bless the owners, because Gyu Nami‘s inception is the solution to that craving.

Hands down the best wagyu donburi in Singapore that I’ve tried. With the prettiest presentation ever. I had to stop to snap a picture first before returning to where I originally sat.

Pretty presentation on the Wagyu Donburi

And that’s also all. All that is on the menu. Gyu Nami has only one dish to serve – the Wagyu Beef Donburi ($10). So well received is the donburithat there are plenty of raving reviews about it. In the space of 4 hours, Gyu Nami can only serve up to 200 bowls.

At about 10.50AM, being the first to arrive, I was informed that they weren’t ready to accept orders yet. So I headed downstairs to order for my family another popular dish from A Noodle Story. All that in 15 minutes and a queue has begun to form at Gyu Nami.

Co-owner Charles (I presume, judging from the taller man in this Vulcan Post article), who previously told me that Gyu Nami wasn’t ready yet, invited me to place my order ahead of the queue. He kindly apologised to other patrons and told them that I had arrived earlier at first. A plus for the arbitrary service checkbox here! How nice of him.

Gyu Nami's Wagyu Donburi

Beautiful, artistic presentation. Definitely not one you can find from any hawker. It’s almost too pretty to eat it. But a hungry man has got to eat.

Gyu Nami uses a food-grade meat slicer to carefully slice our perfect medium-rare wagyu beef. Just look at that pinkish meat wrapped around the rice!

Gyu Nami's Runny Sous-vide Egg Atop the Wagyu Donburi

The beef is drenched in a sweet sauce, with a sous-vide egg topped above this masterpiece. The white sauce here is actually yogurt mixed with a modest amount of Japanese mayonnaise.

On mixing all the ingredients, the flavours work really wonderfully well together. The Japanese rice soaks up the sweet sauce, and it leaves this incredibly lasting sweetness. The wagyu beef is absolutely succulent, and it melts as I let it sit on my tongue. Just the soft texture of the rice combined with the runny egg yolk feels like heaven. Now, imagine that with the incredibly juicy wagyu beef. Perfection.

The size of the bowl had me fooled. Surely it was too small for my usually large appetite. But I was wrong. This tasty bowl is really filling.

For $10 and beef wagyu that I absolutely adore, it’s a 10/10 for me. Incredible price point, incredible taste, and an incredible feeling overall. Will definitely return to have my seconds, or thirds, or hundreds(!)

Expected damage: $10/- per person



Amoy Street Food Centre, 7 Maxwell Road , #02-126

Singapore 069111

Business Hours

Mondays - Fridays 11AM - 3PM

Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays