Salted Egg Chicken @ Jia Yuen Eating House

Jia Yuen Eating House is home to one of the best hawker-style salted egg buttermilk chicken. The crispy chicken cubes, drenched in salted egg cream sauce goodness, simply satisfies any salted egg cravings. The stall itself does not have any signboards or menu, and probably serves only one item.

This place is home to one of the finest salted egg dishes in our sunny island. Here in Jia Yuen Eating House, a small coffee shop exists with only 3 stalls – and one of a nondescript stall that sells the perfect salted egg chicken and rice.

Jia Yuen Eating House

I discovered this gem about two and a half years ago, from a friend whose boyfriend had brought her to. Being a lover to anything salted egg, I was curious about it. Since then, I have made return visits probably in the tenth or twentieth of times. And I never got sick of it!

It’s really weird to place an order from here for first-timers. On my first time here, I remembered wondering where the stall was; whether someone was going to take my order, or..??? Thankfully, I went over to ask the Chinese-national if I could place an order with him. And it was easy. All I asked for was “两个咸蛋奶油鸡 (liǎng gè xián dàn nǎi yóu jī)”, loosely translated as “two plates of salted egg buttermilk chicken”.

Jia Yuen's Salted Egg Buttermilk Chicken Rice

At last, without waiting for too long, our plates of salted egg buttermilk chicken ($7.50) have arrived. The meal comes with crispy fried chicken that’s drenched in a hot and thick salted egg yolk sauce, curry leaves and chilli padi; a sunny side-up egg on top of a serving of rice. Lip-smacking goodness.

Up Close of the Salted Egg Buttermilk Sauce

Just look at that. The salted egg sauce, in all its glory. And look at how it coats and drenches the crispy and tender chicken cubes.

Most noteworthy of all is that the chicken here is really crispy. Firstly, the batter-coated chicken cubes are deep fried to crisp, and then the salted egg sauce is mixed with it shortly after. Whether the crispy batter will get soggy after being drenched depends on how long the dish is left to cool after some picture taking moments(!)

Salted Egg Chicken Up Close

In my opinion, the salted egg yolk sauce has just the right amount of saltiness from the duck eggs, and sweetness from the butter and carnation milk mix.

Lastly, chili padi gives the sauce a little kick. I think more chili padi would be good – which is why I’ve requested for extra.

Although something that I have to admit is that when I first discovered this place, I used to be able to observe plenty of duck egg bits – diced egg whites and egg yolk bits in the salted egg cream sauce. Today, the salted egg bits are barely visible which is a testament that they’ve reduced the salted egg bits over the years. But surprisingly, the taste has not changed as much.

However, for the lactose intolerant or those who can’t just have too much cream, I recommend sharing a plate. I’ve had friends who enjoyed the first few mouthfuls only to feel cloy from the richness of the cream.

I really recommend this place if you’re looking for a really gooey salted egg yolk dish. My friends of whom I’ve introduced the place to all enjoyed this dish at Jia Yuen Eating House. Uncle Johnny Yeo, the owner, also does delivery for this to most SAF camps, including really ulu camps like mine at SAFDB during my service years.

PS. If you’re gonna be driving, which I highly recommend due to the inaccessibility, you can park at the HDB complex by Block 3, Crane Road. Although I don’t advocate illegal parking, but if you want, you could park alongside the road on Carpmael. Just make sure that if you see the LTA officers, you better move your car immediately.

Expected damage: $5++ per person



13 Crane Rd

Singapore 429359

Business Hours

Daily 11AM - 10PM