Soi 19 Thai Wanton Mee @ Ang Mo Kio

Soi 19 is home to the famous Thai-style Wanton Noodles. Their springy egg noodles that's flavoured with pork lard comes with a generous amount of char siew, Chinese sausages, fried wantons and the lot. It's so good, it's making me want to come back for more!

Soi 19 is a humble stall in the Ang Mo Kio neighbourhood that offers Thai-style Wanton Noodles. Getting to know this outlet reminds me of the great day I gulped down 4 bowls of that famous Wanton Mee in Bangkok (!)

When we arrived at about 12 in the afternoon, the line of people waiting to order was quite, albeit unsurprising, a turn off. Not because we hate queuing or anything, it’s that we were hungry. Very hungry.

Fortunately, there was this lady who took up the order down the queue line. This seriously made the process much more streamlined. I like that. So instead of having to queue up to the stall front to place our orders, we were just queuing up to collect our orders.

Anyway, I decided to go with the Regular Extra Thai Wanton Mee ($5), and Cheryl chose the Black Sauce Version ($5). The Thai Fried Pork ($6) is our sharing dish.

Firstly, it’s important to note that fried pork lard is on self-serve free-flow. So eat all you want to your heart’s desire (or repulsion, if you’re on the health-conscious side).

This is my bowl of Thai Wanton Mee with extra ingredients. It’s served with some vegetables, Chinese sausages, char siew (roasted pork meat) and the deep-fried Wontons. A wanton soup is served on the side as well.

With the extra ingredients, you get more Chinese sausages, and extra fried wantons in it. A simple, yet elegant dish. This is what I crave for.

The noodles were really springy and had absorbed the flavour of the fried pork oil. Bits and pieces of fried lard accentuate the softness of the noodles with its contrasting crispiness. The char siew was on the chewy side, but still delectable nonetheless. Talking about it makes me want to have another bowl of this!

I’ve added plenty of chilli flakes to give the noodles a little kick. Turned out to be A LOT of kick.

Cheryl’s Black Sauce Version is more on the sweeter side of the standard bowl that I had. All the usual stuff that’s available on the standard bowl are also offered here.

Although it tastes like our local dry wanton noodles, you trade off that egg noodle taste from the Thai-style wanton noodles. In a matter of choosing either of the two, I’d say go for the usual bowl.


Need more meat than just the ones in the noodle bowls? I’d say pick this.

This crispy Thai Fried Pork is extremely crispy, yet tender inside. It’s fried with a generous amount of garlic that gives off that amazing garlicky flavour. Somehow, I think that they’ve added some chilli flakes into the equation too, as there was a certain spiciness into it that isn’t because of the Thai sweet chilli sauce provided with the dish.

Lastly, I think that the side of vegetables are there to remind us to have more greens after the amount of pork lard consumed today.

With now three outlets opened across Singapore, there’s really no reason why one shouldn’t check out this stall because of the distance. I really love this gem of a stall. We are definitely coming back for more.



Blk 151 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5

Singapore 560151

Business Hours

Wednesdays - Sundays 7AM - 3.30PM

Closed on Mondays & Tuesdays