Thai Gold Food @ Sunshine Plaza

Delicious Thai food that's cheap? Certainly a few have sprung up in Singapore in recent years. Thai Gold Food itself had an authentic Thai vibe; with 90s-style street-side restaurant decor, and servers that communicate in Thai with one another. The food certainly is pretty authentic and tasty, and one that's affordable.

Ah, Thai food. What’s not to like about the myriad of flavours – salty, sweet, and sour, spicy, that make up a typical Thai dish?

Just shy of 5 months since my last trip to Bangkok, I crave for authentic Thai food. While there are certain eateries in Singapore that I often patronise due to my preference in the taste of what their chefs whip up, sometimes, trying new places is an adventure altogether.

 Exterior of Thai Gold Food Restaurant

Last Thursday, Prong and I went to Thai Gold Food at Sunshine Plaza to have dinner after a day of studying. It’s one of the relatively cheaper establishments out there. It appears along the perimeter of Sunshine Plaza, hard to be missed from far by its brightly lit green signboard.

Although they had indoor and al fresco seating, the place was packed at the time of visit (around 7 p.m.). But we were led by a friendly server to a vacant table inside the restaurant.

Interior of Thai Gold Food Restaurant

The table was set up with menus already placed on the table, and cutlery (fork & spoon) wrapped with tissue napkin. The restaurant has this modest, old rustic and authentic feel of a typical street-side restaurant in Thailand, and a throwback vibe to the 90s.

Hearing the conversations between the servers, I noticed that all of them communicate in Thai. Usually I take this cue as an assumption of a legitimate Thai restaurant owned and run by local Thais.

Basil Pork, Tom Yum Soup with Prawns, Kang Kong

Looking at the menu, I noticed that prices range from as low as $5 to the $25-30s range. Fairly affordable, I’d figure. We decided to order the Tom Yum Goon(g) ($10) – tom yum soup with prawns, the Pad Kra Phow Moo($10) – stir-fried chilli and basil leaves with pork, and Pad Pak Bung ($8) – stir-fried Kang Kong vegetables with chili and garlic.

Tom Yum Goong

Tom Yum Goong with Prawns

The Tom Yum Goon(g) was delicious here. The plentiful mix of ingredients – eggplants, prawns and chili among the usual spices is great for sharing for two. I loved the taste of the soup as it leans towards the sweeter side, and had a little taste of sourness. I would’ve definitely preferred it to be a little more sour.

Unfortunately, the soup here is not as spicy as I had expected. Prawns were alright; not that big, but you get exactly what you pay for. No complaints.

Pad Kra Phow Moo

Stir-fried Pork with Basil Leaves and Chili

The pork with basil leaves dish was flavourful. This is always my go-to Thai meat dish. So simple, yet really tasty.

The one served here in Thai Gold Food had a mix of fatty minced pork and lean minced pork; along with sliced chilli, garlic and basil leaves. Pair it up with Jasmine rice, the Thai people’s universal staple, and you get delicious rice soaked with the pork gravy and tender bits of pork.

However, if you would prefer to eat cleanly for the sake of health, the basil pork here is on the saltier side. Again, although slices of chili seem visibly plenty at first glance, I feel like it could be more spicy.

Pad Pak Bung

Fried Thai Kang Kong with Garlic and Chili

“Both dishes (kang kong and basil pork) taste the same,” Prong pondered. I felt the same. It was literally the first thought that came to our minds. Our kang kong greens were so similar in its base flavours with the basil pork. So I’m going to spare myself of describing how it’s like. Only thing of note was that the kang kongs didn’t have the accompanying wok hei that I was hoping for.

While I feel like the dining experience was satisfying overall, I really wished that some of the dishes were a little more spicy. I will definitely be looking out for more cheap and good authentic Thai restaurants in Singapore.

Total damage: $15++ per person