Upper Seletar Reservoir @ Mandai

This is our first time getting to Upper Seletar Reservoir, having passed by the road so many times. I thought that it looked beautiful whenever I see it, but how will it fare? Will it be good for photography? An afternoon of picnic?

So here we are, spending a weekend exploring Upper Seletar Reservoir. I’ve never been here before, and in fact, I’ve passed by the road several times on my way home from camp, yet I’m not sure as to why I’ve never bothered to explore it. But here we are.

Yeah, there’s a fishing ground, for all you avid fishermen. To be very frank, the reservoir isn’t as beautiful as my favourite, the MacRitchie Reservoir. But well, the main attraction is the lookout tower – Seletar Rocket Tower. To get there, we have to walk through a long stretch of pathway atop of the “dam”.

Beautiful flowers line up the walkway, and to the left of the dam, lies a golf course. Looking over the course and to the view behind leaves the impression of an overseas setting. I mean, how often do you get to see Singapore from somewhat of a high vantage point and not see the concrete high-rise housing estates?

There’s an area close to the tower where you get to enjoy the view by sitting on benches set up close to the reservoir edge. This is where some couples arrange for their pre-wedding photoshoot. I mean, what can seriously be more romantic than a backdrop of a towering tree over between two benches and a “lake” with serene greenery? However, as it happened that the weather when we visited was a rainy day, it just looks really mellow here. Either way, it’s a good place to sit peacefully in the morning and probably time for some meditation?

Leading up the tower is a spiral staircase that felt like it will never end. As we begin our ascent up, there was a couple clad in wedding fashion that’s just alighted from their cab. And a photographer trails them. I knew it. It’s THAT spot.

The view on top is quite therapeutic if you ever feel like observing nature from a high perspective. I was given the illusion that I’m free from all my earthly responsibilities. Reminds me that every humanly thing matters so little when the earth is massive in scale.

It’s somehow a good spot for picnic, and one day I would definitely bank in on that opportunity. The view is great for a cooling weather picnic, though, definitely not for a sweltering hot day.

Some pro-tips: remember to bring along an umbrella during days when the sky is overcast, as there’s only one shelter to hide from the rain.

For all good measure, I think it’s important to let you guys know that I’ve parked along Mandai Road where the fishing area is at. There’s another carpark that’s close to the tower and I’d recommend you guys to park there instead. Look out for the golf course sign and you’ll be on your way.



Upper Seletar Reservoir

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