Yi Dian Xin HK Dim Sum (一点心港式点心) @ Kovan

Yi Dian Xin HK Dim Sum dishes out delicious dim sum at very affordable prices. If you're looking for an alternative place for dim sum besides the usual Swee Choon and 126 Wen Dou Sha, look no further. They've got one of the best Liu Sha Bao (Salted Egg Custard Buns), Siew Mai and more. Located in Kovan, you don't need to travel out to Jalan Besar to satisfy your cravings any longer.

Last week, we were craving for cheap and good dim sum. But what’s a good place for these bite-sized Chinese delicacies that’s not the usual suspects of Swee Choon, 126 and Mongkok Dim Sum? Then, we googled and found this gem of a place. Yi Dian Xin HK Dim Sum (一点心港式点心).

Yi Dian Xin is a humble stall in the Kovan heartlands with delicious and cheap dim sum. Located in a coffee shop just further down the opposite of Ponggol Nasi Lemak, it can hardly be missed. It has a large pink signboard as if proclaiming that, yes, this is the stall!

Although the menu on offer doesn’t have a wide variety, the dishes they serve are mostly crowd-favourites. Siew Mai, some Paus, Beancurd Rolls, and more.

Yi Dian Xin's Dim Sum - Our Orders

And so that’s exactly what we got. Crowd-favourites. Because we love them too.

From top left in an inverted ‘S’ fashion, Salted Egg Custard Bun ($3.80/3pcs), Steamed Carrot Cake ($3), Deep-fried Beancurd Prawn Roll ($3.60), Siew Mai ($3.20/3pcs), Crystal Chives Dumpling ($3.20/3pcs), Shanghai Xiao Long Bao ($3.20/3pcs), and Beancurd Roll in Oyster Sauce ($3.20/3pcs).

Notification Buzzer

Anyway, ordering is easy. All we had to do was to tick and fill up the quantity of the dish with an order sheet, and pay at the cashier. A buzzer will be issued after payment to get you to collect your dim sum in a self-service manner.

Yi Dian Xin's Xiao Long Bao

This is the mighty Shanghai Xiao Long Bao (XLB). I swear that after tasting Din Tai Fung‘s heavenly XLBs as a kid, I fell in love with it ever since. So this has been on my order list on every dim sum establishment.

Yi Dian Xin‘s XLB has great flavours, and the tasty soup filling the pau was, characteristically, bursting into my mouth as I took a bite on the skin. However, I noted that the skin was rather too thick for me. I prefer XLB that has thin enough dough that as you bite into the top, it’s easy to chew off and taste the soup.

Yi Dian Xin's Siew Mai

This one is a winner. My all-time favourite Cantonese delicacy. The ubiquitous Siew Mai is a must-order for any dim sum place. This Siew Mai is really meaty, and the meat is so soft and juicy. I love the extremely porky taste of it. Somehow, I would’ve preferred a grainy version of the Siew Mai. But this will do.

Yi Dian Xin's Deep-fried Beancurd Prawn Roll

Close-up of Yi Dian Xin's Deep-fried Beancurd Prawn Roll

Just look at this filling. Although I had hoped for thicker fillings, this Deep-Fried Beancurd Prawn Roll was stuffed with plump and crunchy prawns. The deep-frying made the beancurd skin a perfect crisp. It was really tasty and I thought I should’ve ordered more.

Yi Dian Xin's Steamed Carrot Cake

This is one unique carrot cake. Where you’d find fried carrot cake in most dim sum eateries, you’d find the steamed version here. The carrot cake was perfect for sharing, and with any more, I believe that you’d find it too cloy because of the starchy carrot cake.

What I like about their Steamed Carrot Cake is the really soft and smooth texture, and little char siew bits were sprinkled within. An absolute special dish that goes really well with the sesame oil combination.

Yi Dian Xin's Crystal Chives Dumplings

This is one of Cheryl’s favourite dim sum dish. She swears by all the chives dumplings there are at Hokee Pau. For this Crystal Chives Dumplings, I found that the chives were too overpowering. Also, the skin was too thick and chewy. This is the only disappointing dish for us so far.

Yi Dian Xin's Beancurd Roll with Oyster Sauce

I love the thin and soft beancurd skin is here. The oyster sauce complements the taste of the beancurd roll piece. This Beancurd Roll with Oyster Sauce was an excellent dish. Nothing more to ask for, nothing less either.

Yi Dian Xin's Liu Sha Bao

Finally, the dish of all dim sum lovers. The liu sha bao, also known as their Signature Salted Egg Custard Pau here, has a really sweet and savoury taste. Regardless of the really thick pau, I think that this is one of the best fillings I’ve tasted. I kind of regretted choosing to eat this last, because what I got was a not-so-runny liu sha. It probably got absorbed by the bun.

In conclusion, what I get from eating dim sum in the heartlands surprised me. Taste is subjective, but I really love the dim sum here. It provides a good alternative to the usually crowded and well-established dim sum eateries. I don’t have to travel to Jalan Besar for Swee Choon that often anymore, because there’s one right at Kovan.

Expected damage: $10++ per person



1012 Upper Serangoon Rd

Singapore 534750

Business Hours

Daily 7AM - 3PM

Closed on Tuesdays